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Michael Reale

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Contributor Topic: Finding Opportunity

Michael’s career as an entrepreneur was launched because he paid attention while working for a blood bank in the mid 90’s. In 2001, Michael founded and became President/CEO of Altivation Software. Its primary product was “Hemasphere”, a CRM/Event Management/Staff Scheduling software package that services the Blood Banking industry and automated the manual task of blood drive scheduling and account management (CRM is an acronym for “Customer Relationship Management).” The first few years were a struggle as Michael and Janine self-funded the startup of Altivation Software; however, in time, the package gained considerable traction. After eight years of steady growth, Altivation had a 93% market share, with 100% of the American Red Cross banks. Clearly a “blue ocean”, as you will soon learn more about. His company was acquired by Haemonetics, Inc, a publicly traded medical device company, in 2009. Following the acquisition, Michael stayed on with Haemonetics for approximately 18 months where he oversaw the research and development of the Blood Banking software division. Michael lives in Chico, CA.

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