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Judy Sitton

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Contributor Topic: Customer Service and Employee Recognition

As the company continued to grow, Judy took on the role of training the Trainers; then, when the employee count passed 50, she became the Executive Vice President. In this role, she performed many demanding duties. Beyond dealing with a President (Gary) who thought people should just know how to use software, perhaps Judy’s most demanding role involved working with “clients in crisis”. When an implementation was going badly or a client had significant key personnel changes, Judy was the one that would get the client back on track. With site visits, Gantt charts that would fill a large wall and weekly, often daily, conference calls, Judy would work each problem through to resolution. Judy’s attention to detail and preparedness are legendary in the industry. As her husband puts it, “she grinds it up into a fine dust.” Judy lives in Chico, CA.

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