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James Bennett

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Contributor Topic: Research and Development

When I asked James to write a brief biography for his presentation to the class, he offered the following: “Came to Chico State many moons ago; joined Bi-Tech as a sophomore and never left. During his tenure, he has created software with lots of bugs, ported to platforms that are no longer in business, removed databases during a live demo, sent anonymous notes from airport fax machines, traveled on “consulting” junkets to Paris, Milan, and London, got seriously lost in Texas, froze his butt off in Ville de Pierrefonds, Canada, panicked at User Conferences, and ran the boss’s Harley out of gas. In between he created some software, supported and trained on the same, did technical demos, contract negotiations, and product management; managed the IT and “Cloud” team, and before sanity gained the upper hand, managed over 120 people in QA, Development, and Documentation spanning more time zones, and countries, than he wants to recall.” James lives in Chico, CA.

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