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Bruce Langston

Bruce Langston
Contribution Topic: Chief Financial Officer Duties

As the company continued to grow, Bruce finally convinced Judy and me that we needed a Controller. Boy was he right; and boy, was he good at it! Bruce’s greatest skill was the ability to “squirrel” away money. At the end of the year when I needed to buy some hardware, I would go to Bruce. He always found a way to fund these important purchases. I used to say, “So, Bruce, what’s our number?” to which he would answer, “What do you want it to be?” As stated in the first chapter, Bruce was the key player during the Due Diligence of the SunGard acquisition of Bi-Tech. He so impressed the people at SunGard they made him “Group CFO”; that’s a really big deal and it put Bruce on the front lines of some very large acquisitions. Bruce lives in Chico, CA.

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