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Contributors to Fire Up Your Startup and Keep It Up

Each of the Contributors was hand selected for knowledge in a critical business function within a startup.

Gary Sitton Photo
W. Gary Sitton
Successful entrepreneur
Started a software company (Bi-Tech) that grew to $30 million in annual sales and was acquired by Sungard.
Drake Brown Photo
Drake Brown
Marketing and Sales
An expert who has organized a marketing and sales division for a growing startup, drafted contract terms on which delivery is possible, and negotiated multi-million dollar contracts.
Kristi Bennett Photo
Kristi Bennett
Human Resources
Kristi held many positions at Bi-Tech, culminating in the demanding role of Vice President for Human Resources.
Judy Sitton Photo
Judy Sitton
Customer Service and Employee Recognition
Judy, the author’s wife, is the person most responsible for client satisfaction and a positive Client Reference List.
James Bennett Photo
James Bennett
Research and Development
James’ organizational and people skills propelled him to become Vice President of Research and Development.
Bruce Langston Photo
Bruce Langston
The CFO Duties
Bruce, who holds a CPA license, moved through the ranks of Bi-Tech from core financial system implementations to becoming Vice President of Finance.
Mark Fitzpatrick Photo
Mark Fitzpatrick
Business Realities
Mark has held executive and senior level positions at some very large companies like Veritas Software, with over 10,000 employees.
Daren Otten Photo
Daren Otten
Global Sourcing and Startup Funding
Daren, a very successful entrepreneur, has significant experience with both domestic and foreign contract manufacturing.
Michael Reale Photo
Michael Reale
Finding Opportunity
Michael worked for the author’s company for a few years. While there, he came up with an idea that allowed him to launch a very successful business.
Jessee Allread Photo
Jessee Allread
International Commerce
Jessee has secured international business relationships in over fourteen countries. He has been a consultant to many startups and is currently working with two new startups.
Sean Morgan Photo
Sean Morgan
Project Management
Sean has Project Management certifications from Stanford and MIT; he has been an entrepreneur since he was in high school
Mike Monroe Photo
Mike Monroe
Social Media and the Virtual Company
Mike exploits social media to promote his company and his company is run completely as a Virtual Company; no bricks and mortar.