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Appendix 1 - Demonstrations

The author includes this appendix for any firm that finds it necessary to demonstrate products and services to a prospective client. Topics include who does great demos; preparation; getting there; physical appearance; setup; opening dialogue; humor; questions; problem systems; problem people; breaks; wrap-up; going on or going home; follow-up; postmortem; make the company better; some don’ts; closing diatribe.

Appendix 1 Excerpt:

“Generally your wardrobe should be “appropriate business attire,” whatever that might be, by today’s standards; probably not what I wear every day. I learned an interesting thing about appearance while giving a demo to Beeville College in Beeville, Texas. Since I was traveling to that part of the world, I wore my cowboy boots and Levis on the plane. My checked luggage got lost, so I did the demo in my travel clothes. I opened by telling them my travel woes and apologizing for not being in “appropriate business attire”. It normally takes about two hours to see the audience relax and start rooting for you, but these Beevillians were in my pocket in 10 minutes. From time-to-time, when I thought it might help, I would have trouble finding my checked luggage.”