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Chapter 7 - Business Realities

59 slides in 110 Minutes
From: Fire Up Your Startup and Keep It Up
By: Mark Fitzpatrick

Mark is a serial entrepreneur, having created and sold multiple companies in the technical sector. Topics include offshore development; startup funding, stock options; incorporation; product development methodologies.

Chapter 7 Excerpt:

“You should focus on application security, IT securing, and get a grip on Whitehat hacking. There are a lot of good books and videos on Whitehat hacking. If you are going to start a technology company, you had better get a firm grip on how hackers can take down your website and penetrate your web application and database servers. Whitehat, Greyhat and Blackhat hacking are all the same thing, but from a different perspective. Whitehat hackers are people blessed by the company to try to find vulnerabilities; Greyhat hackers find vulnerabilities, unsolicited, and let a company know there is vulnerability; and Blackhat hackers are the mean people that enjoy or somehow feel justified in ruining other people’s day. There are a lot of tools out there from firewalls to Intrusion Detection Systems (IDS) to help make sites and web applications secure.”