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Chapter 4 - Customer Service and Employee Recognition

Amazing Grace
From: Fire Up Your Startup and Keep It Up
By: Judy Sitton

Judy was the Executive Vice President with the author’s company. Topics include giving excellent customer service; recovering from customer service failure; remote customer service; face-to-face customer service; employee retention and recognition.

Chapter 4 Excerpt:

“I wore many hats at Bi-Tech and, as Gary pointed out, these responsibilities evolved to an even greater magnitude as the company grew. One major task that has always been before me was the desire to provide exceptional customer service. This is key to the success of your company, as it was to ours. You can have an outstanding product, lovely work environment, super employees, and energetic marketing, but your company will not survive without exceptional customer service. So, keep it at the top of your list to focus on in your business and personal development.”