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Chapter 3: Human Resources

Took Calculus for Fun
From: Fire Up Your Startup and Keep It Up
By: Kristi Bennett

Kristi, who took calculus for fun, was the VP of HR with the author’s company. Topics include a definition of Human Resources; important classifications, including employee vs. independent contractor and exempt vs. nonexempt employees; the hiring process; employee relations; making sure your compliance postings are complete.

Chapter 3 Excerpt:

“Here, Kristi takes the students through employee complaints, performance reviews, and terminations. Employee complaints can run the gambit, from “My co-worker has body odor” to “My boss keeps asking me to have drinks on Saturday night at his place to go over my work performance.” Kristi encourages students to use their common sense in dealing with each issue. If a labor law is being violated, take swift and decisive action. If no law is being broken, attempt to mitigate the issue with one-on-one discussions.”