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Chapter 2 - Marketing and Sales

It Ain’t Golf and Martinis
From: Fire Up Your Startup and Keep It Up
By: Drake Brown

Drake Brown, was the VP for Marketing and Sales with the author’s company. Topics include the difference between marketing and sales; profile of a great salesperson; buying influences and the coach; contract elements; contract negotiation; organizing a sales and marketing division; and some important stories that come from Drake’s experience at the author’s company.

Chapter 2 excerpt:

“We don’t know if we can handle 600 users: Be brutally honest, and your customers will trust you. In 1993, when we sold the City of Salt Lake, they insisted they would need 600 concurrent users. I was in one of the finalizing meetings where this demand was placed on Bi-Tech. I knew we did not have any customers anywhere near that large. I knew that the software had never been tested at that level. It was not my place to say what we could or could not do; the question was being directed to Gary.

Before he spoke I was thinking of an optimistic statement that would give the customer assurance. I was not sure what Gary was thinking, until he said to Bill Haight (Salt Lake’s CIO), “I don’t know if the software will handle that many users, Bill.” I was expecting Bill to run from the room, screaming. Instead a very productive and realistic plan for proving what the software would do was devised. Trust was high.”