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Chapter 13 - Axioms, Heresy and Closure

Best Practices, Dogmas and the End Game
From: Fire Up Your Startup and Keep It Up
By: Gary Sitton

In this chapter the reader is taken through 22 business axioms the author has developed over the years. Also, just for fun, the author lists several dogmatic statements he wished he had never made.

Chapter 13 Excerpt:

“Axiom #9: Hire a few people who tease and cut up (they keep things light). Your employees will spend 30+ percent of their life at your company. Having a light atmosphere helps make them feel good about being at work. Sometimes our practical jokes got a little out of hand: When we were working out of the A-frame, we had a Springer Spaniel that was nuts for a flashlight beam. Ray Kaminski (someone who clearly matched this axiom) took a tea towel and tied a flashlight to the dog’s head. We had beautiful herring bone redwood siding inside one of the rooms. The dog would see the light beam on the siding and attack. Judy came into the room and saw all the scratches; she was not amused.”