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Bi-Tech Software, Inc.

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Bi-Tech’s logo was an abacus with the embedded binary equivalent of 1981, the year of incorporation.

Bi-Tech Software, Inc. was incorporated on April 3rd, 1981. The catalyst for this company was a software development assignment given to the founder (Gary Sitton) while he was teaching computer science at California State University, Chico. He was asked to write a basic accounting package and payroll package for the University Foundation and Associated Students. At this time, the late 70’s, accounting systems for nonprofit entities were pretty bad. The system developed by Gary seemed to be better than the other options. The system, called IFAS (Interactive Fund Accounting System), established some traction and began to be adopted by other institutions. Early clients were Whitman College, Reed College, Claremont Colleges and California Polytechnic Institution, San Louis Obispo Foundation.

The company began in the Gary’s dining room, converted into an office. His best students were hired as programmers to help develop and improve the package. Gary credits those first hires for setting the work, social, intellectual and ethical character of the company. Many of the employees who made the company thrive are featured in the book. Drake Brown brought order and purpose to the selling of our system. Kristi Bennett kept tabs on our growing employee count, kept the company out of hot water and kept the boss out of jail. Judy Sitton was the conscience of Bi-Tech, making sure every employee saw themselves as a client advocate. James Bennett coordinated the many new development projects that kept the company moving forward with new and better solutions. Bruce Langston, CPA, was instrumental in getting our books GAAP compliant and guiding us through the arduous steps of an acquisition. Mike Monroe set the standard for excellence in many of our most demanding implementation projects.

The company experienced significant growth through the 80’s and 90’s. Some of the larger clients include American Red Cross, University of Notre Dame, American Samoa Government, Harris County, Texas, Salt Lake City, Scripps Research Institute, NOAA and the Cousteau Society. Bi-Tech was acquired in 1995 by SunGard Data Systems. At the time of acquisition, the company had over 200 employees, over 300 clients and generated over $30 million in annual revenue. The founder and his wife stayed on to run the company until they retired in 2000. Although several changes have taken place since their retirement, the company continues to be a very significant force in the not-for-profit arena.