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W. Gary Sitton

Author of Fire Up Your Startup and Keep It Up
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Gary went from working on a dairy ranch and freight dock to earning a PhD in Computer Science. Founded Bi-Tech Software, Inc. which, when acquired, had 200+ employees, 300+ clients and over $30 million in revenue per year. Gary holds one Utility Patent and his hobbies include reading, chess, archery, fishing, inventing, cowboy poetry, watching his grandkids grow up, and watching black and white westerns. He is most proud of being married to the same woman for over 47 years. Gary and Judy are retired and live in Chico, California. Each spring, Gary teaches one graduate class titled Technical Startups. His 2014 spring class was the catalyst that led Gary to write the book, Fire Up Your Startup and Keep It Up.

According to the Small Business Administration (SBA), only 18% of first-time startups survive. Gary found this alarming and wanted to write a book to improve the likelihood of success. His class consisted of several guest lecturers, many of whom are featured in the book’s chapters. His instruction to the guest lecturers was quite simple: make sure you include information you wish you had before you started your business. Each lecturer featured in the book generously shared Power Point slides and notes so that the draft form of the chapters could be created. Each lecturer was given complete editing rights to each chapter. The information shared in this book may help first-time entrepreneurs succeed and existing firms be more successful.