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Fire Up Your Startup and Keep It Up!

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Many of us dream of starting our own business, but we only have an 18 percent chance of succeeding, according to the U.S. Small Business Administration. Most successful entrepreneurs and business executives survive a series of hard knocks before striking it rich, and by learning from their missteps, you can boost your chances of starting a business that not only survives but thrives.

In Fire Up Your Start-Up and Keep It Up, twelve experts reveal critical life and business lessons that will help you find your niche, see problems as opportunities, hire the right employees, cultivate mutually beneficial partnerships, set a budget, negotiate contracts, protect your data, and much more. They tell their stories in a candid fashion, making it easy to understand and remember the importance of the lessons, which are summarized in text boxes that may be skimmed whenever you need a refresher course.

Marketing and Sales represent the most important aspect of growth. No company excels without understanding the critical role played by Human Resources. Customer Service and Employee Recognition are the fuel that fires a successful firm. The Research and Development chapter is rife with wit and great wisdom. International commerce is a focus, along with a very atypical presentation by a CFO. Technical enterprises must understand the importance of Project Management. Finding NEW opportunities and Business Realities are additional food for thought. Global Sourcing and Funding for a new enterprise are critical endeavours. Social Media and the Virtual Company are a HUGE part of today’s landscape. All these topics, and much more, are represented in the book.

Written by the founder of Bi-Tech, a company that earned more than $30 million the year before it was sold, this book excites, inspires, and informs. Learn from the entrepreneurs and executives who’ve made it to where you want to go—and Fire Up Your Startup and Keep It Up.

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